Personal Shopping

Men`s mannequin inside a clothing storeFinding Perfect Outfits takes Time and Knowledge
~Let us find them for you~

Having clothes that make you look and feel great is important; when you know you look great, you feel more confident and are willing and able to accomplish things that may otherwise feel too difficult.

When there is an important event in your life, just like an actor, using clothes to get into character will help you feel and act the part you are required to play. But that does not mean you need to spend a fortune  or countless hours shopping; today there are thousands of stores in every city at every price point, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look – that’s where your image consultant has the advantage.

Pain or Pleasure?

Many men find shopping a chore and some even consider it a total waste of valuable time.  Either way, if shopping for clothes is in any way difficult for you, a personal shopper can be of assistance.

Being taken shopping after an image consultation can be an exciting and liberating experience as the consultant guides you through stores, aisles and fitting rooms bringing your style and colour programs to life and helping you discovering that when you know what you are looking for, and have a little fitting knowledge, shopping is a lot easier.

If you really hate to shop due to a busy career, your image consultant will be able to shop for you and bring the garments to you. This is a high end service and requires a pre-established budget, higher fees and cash to use for the purchases.

From Style, Color and Wardrobe to the Stores

After discovering which styles and colors work best for you and what you need to fill the gaps in your wardrobe, it’s time to hit the stores!

The Preliminaries

About two weeks prior to your shopping day your consultant will establish with you what items you need to purchase, your available budget, brand and style preferences and how to pay for the day. Based on these your consultant will select the most suitable shopping locations.

Shopping expeditions are usually scheduled for the morning when everyone is fresh and full of energy and the stores are not too busy.

We request that if you are planning to purchase a suit you wear a dress shirt and tie to avoid having to change into a shirt and tie at each store.

We also recommend that you bring along anything you need to purchase items to coordinate with, as well as your Color Swatch and Personal Style Guide.

You will be required to try on clothes during the session so your consultant can check the fit and appropriateness of the item.

Personal Shopping Outline:

During your shopping expedition you can expect:

  • to be met by your consultant at a predetermined place and time
  • to have a quick chat to see if any of your needs have changed and to prioritise items on your list
  • to be skilfully taken through stores and shown some insider tips about effective shopping
  • garments and accessories to be handpicked for you to try on
  • any alterations required to a garment will be recommended
  • garments and accessories likely to be purchased are placed on hold unless they are absolute winners and need to be acquired to find matching accessories
  • the best items to be purchased at the end of the session

Personal Shopping Price: (Minimum 2 Hours)  The price will vary depending upon:

  • if you are a client who has had a colour and style program with the consultant
  • the experience and expertise of the consultant
  • the distance the consultant needs to travel to the shopping centre