Group Color Consultations

Group of young friends having funEverything is more fun with friends. and it doesn’t get much better than a girly day discovering color, clothes and makeup!

Even better, a group consultation costs less than a personal consultation and is heaps more fun.

Group consultations are perfect for 2 to 6 people. To estimate the time of the session, add 20 minutes to the base consultation time of 90 minutes for the second to sixth person.

A Group Consultation is Perfect for:
  • Mothers and daughters
  • Sisters
  • Friends
  • Social groups
  • Brides and bridesmaids
  • Teenage Birthday Parties
During the Session Everyone Will Discover:
  • Their major color direction (cool and clear, cool and muted, warm and clear or warm and muted)
  • Their ‘flow’ (dark, light, cool, warm, bright or soft)
  • Their required contrast level(s) for clothes and hair color
  • Which fabrics suit them best
  • Which fabric characteristics suit them best; e.g., texture, weave, surface, feel etc.
  • Their best patterns and prints
  • Their hair color and eye color options
  • How to bend the rules of color and look good in almost any color
  • How to use their swatch to find thousands of colors
  • The fascinating link between personality and coloring
Consultation Procedure

First, everyone will be taken through the basic concepts of color and how finding their best colors will have a significant impact on how they look, shop and feel.

Then, everyone will be analyzed one at a time with the others looking on.  During this time, your consultant will explain various aspects of color.

When everyone has been analyzed, your consultant will give each person their color swatch; and as a group, will go through all the aspects each person needs to understand and answer any and all questions.

After the consultation, each person will be emailed a 30-page, full color ebook on everything that they need to remember and lots more.

Each Person will receive:
  •  at least 20 minutes with the consultant
  • a color swatch containing 60 of their best colors
  • a full color 30-page ebook to ensure they do not forget one word of what was taught