Wardrobe Audits and Revamps

Creating Inspiration from Frustration

woman finding clothes at store

A Great Wardrobe is Filled with Inspiration and Options

Only a woman knows the frustration and disappointment that comes from a wardrobe brimming with clothes and nothing to wear.

Women the world over literally waste thousands of hard earned dollars on items that don’t suit their body type, personality, and lifestyle and/or do not coordinate with other items they own.

As a result over time their wardrobe beings to resemble a stock take rack of mismatched garments with very few items that make them look or feel good. So they end up wearing only a few items most of the time and leave the others to hang silent and unloved in the dark.

Soon shopping for clothes becomes a chore, finding a successful garment is a matter of luck and everything gets more difficult with each passing year.

From Style and Color to the Wardrobe

After discovering which styles and colors work best for you and how to wear them, next comes tackling the closet of clothes you already own.  While some women decide to do this for themselves, for many the job is too emotionally difficult.  Maybe you’re a hoarder with lots of clothes, or you can’t bear to face the clothes with invisible guilty tags that remind you of how much you paid for them and how little they’ve been worn. Wardrobe audits are easier, more fun and less hassle with an image consultant, and you’ll learn some insider styling skills while gaining the wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

During a wardrobe audit we discover the items that are working for you, the mistakes that are taking up valuable closet space and what items you need to create a more versatile wardrobe of clothes.

Wardrobe sessions are usually scheduled for the morning when everyone is fresh and full of energy.

You will be asked to try on various garments during the session to check their fit and appropriateness and as such we ask that you wear good fitting lingerie and have your hair done and make-up on.

Wardrobe Audit and Revamp Outline:

During your wardrobe audit and revamp your consultant, with your assistance, will:

  • declutter your wardrobe
  • liberate items that do not enhance your figure, are worn out, unfashionable or do not suit your lifestyle
  • uncover and eliminate any style ruts you may have fallen into
  • discover items that with some alterations or repair will give you several more seasons wear
  • organize your wardrobe into a workable unit that makes discovering possible outfits easier
  • show you how the right hangers and wardrobe accessories will make a big difference to your clothes
  • uncover mix and match options you have not thought of
  • discover what items are needed to extend the life and versatility of your wardrobe

Audit and Revamp Price: This will vary depending on the location of your home, the amount of clothes to go through. Audits start at 2 hours and are increased by the half hour.