What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

“I have worked with Elaine on two occasions, a Mont Blanc event and our “All about Tuxes” event and found her to be professional and extremely knowledgeable in her field. Elaine is serious about what she does and exhibits poise and emasculate personal appearance, putting people at ease while helping them learn the fine art of dressing for success. She is first rate.” ▬President, Hamilton Douglass Clothiers

Elaine is one of the most creative, professional and very personable persons I have come across in my career. She helped me to work on my image before I was traveling to Dubai. She also educated me about all of the cultures that were represented on the World CEO Forum I attended. Great value! I can highly recommend her!”

I wanted to thank you for your excellent and professional services provided in updating my image for a position that I hold with Broward Regional Health Planning Council. I hold an administrative position as a Clinical Social Worker, and your expertise has assisted me in providing a professional look that has added to my credibility as an administrator. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

I can personally attest to advantages gained from utilizing the services of Exclusive Corporate Image. I hired Elaine Simmons to enhance my corporate and overall appearance. Since doing so, I constantly receive compliments at both business and social events. This is truly a value added service that will benefit anyone regardless of their previous success in the business world. In these difficult economic times, you must maximize every opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition. Exclusive Corporate Image will provide you with that advantage.”

I would recommend Elaine to anyone who wants to improve his or her image, whether for business or personal reasons. Her program is very detailed and her experience and knowledge lead to results.”

Elaine provided her valuable insights and assistance to help me select THE perfect business jacket. While this may sound like a simple task, I knew enough to know that it is not if one wants to make a memorable – for the right reason – and professional appearance, especially for the first-impression. Elaine uses both a scientific method to examine body type & size and coloring to help select the right clothing sizes, shapes, and in the right colors. I gained valuable insights during the process, and now understand better how to select clothes – i.e. especially blazers and suit jackets – to emphasize or de-emphasize certain physical attributes in order to achieve a specific look. The value that Elaine brought in the few short hours we spent together was invaluable; as everyone knows, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and I want mine to be positive and long-lasting, and Elaine’s image consulting will assure that keeps happening.”

“Elaine is an expert at what she does. She’s personable and made me feel as though I was her only client. I will definitely use her services again.”

“I originally met with Elaine about speaking at our Total Working Women’s Weekend Event that we will be having in November. I had heard that she was an expert in business etiquette, and business dressing. She came recommended to me by a friend. I was so impressed with Elaine that I hired her to help me with my own image, colors and dressing styles. She did an amazing job for me, and provided me with information about what styles to wear, and what colors look best on me and my body type. Since our meeting, I have called Elaine on weekends during a shopping trip, and she guided me to select better choices for my frame. On a recent trip to get a dress for a wedding, Elaine guided me to make a selection that works best for the occasion and my body type. You see, I hate to shop, and Elaine has made it so much easier for me. She taught me that you don’t have to look at everything in a store, but only the items that work with my body type. What GREAT advice! I got a fantastic dress in about 15 minutes! I realize that the reason I hated to shop was because I was looking at hundreds of pieces of clothing, and missing the things that worked well for me. I consider Elaine a consummate professional, and a trusted advisor. She knows my body better than I do. She can make a recommendation over the phone, and it works! Her services have saved me so much money by avoiding styles that don’t work, and colors that don’t work. I have so much of that hanging in my closet, and I WASTED my money. I now have a target to look for when I shop. By eliminating a great deal of styles when I shop, it makes the entire experience better. I highly recommend Elaine to help you save money on your shopping trips. You will have a closet filled with clothing you will wear, and everything will look GREAT on you! No more wasted money on clothing you never wear! Elaine will help you make the very best choice for every occasion.”

“Elaine is a very professional and polished individual, who provides a wealth of knowledge regarding personal and professional image. If you want to improve the way you are perceived, Elaine is the expert.”

“Elaine’s approach to improving one’s image is actually quite scientific and bolstered by her own excellent judgment. She really helped me a lot in selecting just the right men’s suit designer and I’ve received many compliments at numerous business functions. Elaine can really help you dress to impress!”

“Hi Elaine, Just wanted to let you know that Saturday’s closet clean out was a success! You helped me so much. You were very gentle in helping me shed all the unnecessary bulk in my closet and opened my eyes (and educated me) on what could work for me. I wanted to thank you again. we can plan one more visit…though not as long so that we may attack accessories, shoes, belts, etc…”